Sunday, July 20, 2014


This is a miniaturized and exiled version of Byff's Personal Hell, which will have to remain on hiatus for the time being. Here, you won't find all the gimcracks and gewgaws that made Byffdom such a widely-derided and -celebrated site; I'll mostly be posting on the creative process, on the Collective Unconscious, on Zen, and all things related.  I'll be folding in the old Primatologie forum concept as well, and inviting discussion on evolutionary psychology, particularly on the Amity / Enmity Complex.

Most material of an explicitly political nature will be reserved for the PoliTick weblog, and I'll be using the Evolutionary War weblog to post work in progress from my current manuscript / multimedia project.

To kick it off, I want to offer a few scraps of the Primatologie forum design, with these words of wisdom:

You can take the primate out of the trees, but you can't take the trees out of the primate.

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