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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Befriending a Feral Cat

This cat has lived on my parents' property since she was born, and is at least second-generation wild.  She has been fed by my father throughout that time, so is long-accustomed to human presence, but always skittered away when approached.

By feeding her and then hanging around chattering at her for a while as she ate, I was able to acclimate her over the course of several days.  The day prior to this recording, on or about 4/4/2015, she was treed by the dogs, and by standing below the tree and talking to her, I got her to relax enough to come down.

This time, when I went down to chatter at her, I brought the camcorder.  I got a kick out of watching her make up her mind whether to come close enough to touch.  Since then we've become friends, and she often comes down to the pond to hang out while I'm there fishing.

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